Taxonomic system of the genus Ranunculus L. of Central Kazakhstan

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According to revision on the Central Kazakhstan territory, taxonomic composition of the genus Ranunculus represents with 19 species, which integrate into 2 subgenera ( Ranunculus and Batrachium ), and 9 sections: Acris, Pterocarpa, Ranunculus, Polyrhizos , Flammula, Xanthobatrachium, Hecatonia, Polyphyllus, Heterophylles , and 9 subsections: Acris, Polyanthemos, Repentes, Ranunculus, Lingua, Hecatonia, Hyperborei, Trichophilli, Circinati (the last three taxa belongs to subgenus Batrachium ). Distribution of the Ranunculus species in Central Kazakhstan demonstrate the wide range of the belt-zone and ecological adaptation, despite the relatively poor representation of the species. The genus Ranunculus in Central Kazakhstan includes mountaineous and plain, forest, steppe and desert terrestrial, amphibious and true aquatic species. An overview of the species position in the structure of genus Ranunculus L. for the Central Kazakhstan territory is provided here.


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