The finding of Poa compressa L. (Poaceae) in Pamir Mountains

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The information on record of Poa compressa L. in Khorog is given. This alien species which is new for the flora of Pamir and Tajikistan as a whole. In summer of 2016, P?? compressa L. (Canada bluegrass or flattened meadowgrass) was found near the outbuildings on the territory of the Pamir Biological Institute (Tajikistan, Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Okrug, vicinity of Khorog town, near the outbuildings of the Pamir Biological Institute, along the irrigation ditch. August 21, 2016. M. Olonova, P. Gudkova, TK). In total, 3 well-developed, fruit-bearing plants and several small, vegetative plants were found. Observations of the next year (2017) showed that this species expanded its distribution, spreading along the road passing through the territory of the Institute. Previous studies of the ecological and climatic niche of P. compressa suggested a wider distribution of the species, and rather high possibilities of its settlement in the territory of Eurasia, especially its southern regions. Taking into account the increasing traffic along the Pamir highway, and the increased recreational load, the future expansion of P. compressa on the territory of both Tajikistan and the border Afghanistan seems to be highly probable.


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