Floristic records on the floodplains of the Ob and Charysh Rivers, Altai Territory and Novosibirsk Region

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It reports about 3 rare taxa records. Alisma x bjorkqvistii Tzvelev: Altai Territory, Ka-menskiy district, the Ob River floodplain, 18 km westward from the Verkhniy Suzun village, high bank of Zalomnaya channel, on a wet dirt road. Gagea shmakoviana Levichev: Altai Territory, Shipunovskiy district, Ozerki village - 2 km to south-south-west, big island on the Charysh River, in poplar (Populus laurifolia Ledeb.) forest, 115 km from locus classicus. Astragalus contortuplicatus L.: Novosibirsk Region, Kolyvanskiy district, the Ob River bank southern of the Northern Bridge, on a substratum of coarse sand and gravel.


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?????, ?.?. (2017). Floristic records on the floodplains of the Ob and Charysh Rivers, Altai Territory and Novosibirsk Region. Systematic Notes on the Materials of P.N. Krylov Herbarium of Tomsk State University, (115), 3-6. Retrieved from


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