The finding of Gentiana cruciata (Gentianaceae) in the Tomsk region

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Gentiana cruciata L. (Gentianaceae) was found for the first time in Tomskaya oblast. This species was collected in the following locality: "Tomskaya oblast, vicinity of the village Baturino, the regional landscape reserve "Larinskiy", valley of Tugoyakovka river, polydominant upland meadow. N 5613,498' E 8459,064'. 12 VII 2013. T.N. Kataeva, A.S. Prokopyev, M.S. Yamburov". This finding is the most northeast location of G. cruciata in Western Siberia.


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?????????, ?.?., ???????, ?.?., & ???????, ?.?. (2015). The finding of Gentiana cruciata (Gentianaceae) in the Tomsk region. Systematic Notes on the Materials of P.N. Krylov Herbarium of Tomsk State University, (111), 62-64. Retrieved from


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