Equisetum x mildeanum Rothm. (Equisetaceae), a horsetail hybrid new for the flora of Siberia

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The present study provides information on the finding of a hybrid Equisetum x mildeanum Rothm. Morphological differences from the putative parents, results of the study of the stem surface ultrastructure using scanning electron microscope, the results of the analysis of DNA samples of hybrid and parental species by ISSR-method are shown. This hybrid is new to the flora of Siberia and Russia in general. New records for Equisetum x mildeanum Rothm. are following: "Omsk region, Ust-Ishim district, 20 km to the west of the village of Ust-Ishim, near the Black lake, 5742' N and 7048' E. Disturbant meadow. 08.10.2014. D.S. Feoktistov (TK); Omsk region, Tarski area, 2 km east of the Atack village. Felling in the pine forest. 17.06.2002. A.A. Balova O.V. Legkikh, A.A. Nozdrunov (OMSK).


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??????????, ?.?., & ???????, ?.?. (2014). Equisetum x mildeanum Rothm. (Equisetaceae), a horsetail hybrid new for the flora of Siberia. Systematic Notes on the Materials of P.N. Krylov Herbarium of Tomsk State University, (110), 38-49. Retrieved from http://sn.herbarium.tsu.ru/index.php/SN_Herbarium/article/view/96


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