Notes about some species of Pulsatilla L. (Ranunculaceae) from the Near-Yenisei Sayan Mountains

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According to "Flora of Siberia" (Timokhina, 1993), "Synopsis of the flora of Asian Russia" and authors data, eight species of the genus Pulsatilla L. occur in the Near-Yenisei Sayans: P.ambigua (Turcz. ex Pritz.) Juz., P. bungeana C.A. Mey., P. turczaninovii Krylov et Serg., P. multifida (Pritz.) Juz., P. tenuiloba (Turcz.) Juz., P. herba-somnii Stepanov, P. usensis Stepanov ? P. orientali-sibirica Stepanov. Among those species two ones are described here as new for science - P. herba-somnii Stepanov ? P. usensis Stepanov, one more species is described under new name - Pulsatilla orientali-sibirica Stepanov. Three species - P. turczaninovii, P. multifida and P. orientali-sibirica are rather widespread, the rest species, including two species described here ( P. ambigua , P. bungeana , P. tenuiloba , P. herba-somnii ? P. usensis ) are endemics of the different level of distribution, but all of them are rare species in Sayan region. Pulsatilla orientali-sibirica is quite rare species in the south of Western Siberia. Under its old name " Pulsatilla flavescens " hidden mostly hybrids between P. orientali-sibirica and P. ?atens ((L.) Miller) with uncharacteristic for the East Siberian Pulsatilla features, which are: wide-open flowers and acuminate, narrow leaflets of perianth. Multicolored flovers are also characteristic for hybrids. Plants with yellow, blue, white, pink and yellow-blue flowers are represented in its populations.


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????????, ?.?. (2014). Notes about some species of Pulsatilla L. (Ranunculaceae) from the Near-Yenisei Sayan Mountains. Systematic Notes on the Materials of P.N. Krylov Herbarium of Tomsk State University, (109), 6-19. Retrieved from


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